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What is Travel Insurance Insurance?

Travel Insurance provides the financial support you need when traveling around or outside your own country of residency. We can be vulnerable to illnesses or unexpected and unforeseen circumstances that could be a hamper to you and your travel plans. We want to make sure that you won’t be facing the worst of the worst when dealing with an unexpected difficult scenario while traveling. Our travel insurance plans can cover medical emergencies, trip cancellations, interruptions, delays, lost or stolen goods and luggage. In more serious situations where you may end up needing a medical evacuation, P.D Foster has you covered.

How is Travel Insurance different from standard health insurance?

The main difference between the two is that standard health/medical insurance does not include forign treatments. There are some special situations where medical insurance can be used abroad but this must be specified in the original insurance document. Travel insurance can cover a larger array of scenarios even non-medically related such as lost luggage, theft, cancellations, as well as the medical expenses.

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance provides that peace of mind when you are out traveling or in a foreign country. You can never predict the future so this is an excellent choice to provide you with coverage when away from home. It provides you with emergency health and medical coverage in the event of an accident that is out of your control. When dealing with such emergencies abroad, the costs of such medical or emergency procedures can often be extremely high and could cost you a fortune. Especially when a travel plan cancellation occurs, your plan can cover the costs of new bookings.

How does Travel Insurance work?

Travel Insurance works in the same way other insurance policies work. We can help you find the right policy for your needs based on the amount of coverage you want or can afford. Your premiums are based on your coverage, and you pay towards your policy based on that amount. If you are dealing with a foreign or travel based emergency, you file a claim and receive your lump-sum payment based on the timelines outlined in your policy. If you lead a healthy life, your money is not wasted. We can discuss the option of a return-of-premium benefit which allows you to receive the money invested in your policy after 10 years of paying premiums. Once the money is returned, the policy expires.

How much Travel Insurance coverage do you need?

The best way to calculate how much coverage you need for your policy is to look at your income and any supplemental insurance you might receive if you can’t work. This amount can also be compared to your monthly expenses, and how your lost income would impact your ability to cover those costs. Your spouse/partner’s income can also be considered, as depending on your situation, your partner might need to take time off work to help support your recovery.

Although the government does offer insurance benefits when caring for a loved one, this is only available to those who pay into employment insurance for a limited time. Other considerations include your level of debt and the expenses incurred to help you recover. We can help you assess your finances and other coverage you might receive, and calculate the ideal coverage to improve your income during your recovery.

Why Choose P.D. Foster Insurance

At P.D. Foster Insurance we have been offering Travel Insurance to our customers since 1949. We understand how devastating a travel emergency can be on families, and the risks it presents for your financial security. We provide comprehensive Travel coverage and can help you find the right coverage to support you through your recovery. Our goal is to find the right policy for your needs, so you can focus on getting well with little disruption to your income.

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