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Motorcycle Insurance

Having a motorcycle provides freedom on the open road while also offering an affordable way to get around town in the warmer weather. However, you require proper insurance should you have an accident. P.D. Foster Insurance understands the unique needs of our motorcycle riders and can provide you with the Motorcycle Insurance you need.

Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance is required both to cover you if you are found legally liable for injuries and accidents, as well as accident benefits to cover you and your family if you are injured or the unthinkable happens. If you are hit by an uninsured or unidentified driver, you should also have uninsured coverage to protect you against the injuries and damages that occur. Additional coverage is also available through collision or comprehensive insurance to offer further protection against things such as theft and vandalism, windshield damage, or fire.

What does Motorcycle Insurance cover?

Our motorcycle coverage includes the following options:

  • Third-Party Liability: This protects you when you cause bodily injury or property damage to others with your motorcycle.
  • Direct Compensation: This applies to motorcycle damage when you are not at fault when involved in a collision.
  • Accident Benefits: This provides coverage for medical treatment or income replacement for your own injuries.
  • Uninsured Coverage: As mentioned above this protects you if you are involved in an accident when the motorist does not have insurance to cover injuries or death.

You can also opt for collision or comprehensive coverage. P.D. Foster Insurance will discuss your needs to ensure you have the right coverage to reduce the risk of being held personally responsible for costs related to accidents, damages and injuries.

Why Choose P.D. Foster Insurance

At P.D. Foster Insurance we have been offering specialized insurance services such as motorcycle coverage for our customers since 1949. As a family-owned brokerage, we are committed to finding cost-effective insurance solutions that minimize premiums while maximizing your coverage.

We want you to have total peace of mind knowing if an accident occurs, or your motorcycle is damaged, the costs are covered by your policy. We will find the best solution to ensure your motorcycle and any injuries to yourself or others are taken care of with as little impact on your finances as possible. As insurance brokers, we can search for the right motorcycle coverage from different providers, so you have the most coverage with the lowest premiums.

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