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Tenant Insurance

Your apartment or rental home contains all of your most cherished belongings. You might not own your home, but your home houses everything you do own. As a family-owned business, P.D. Foster Insurance understands the importance of protecting your assets such as your jewellery, electronics and even your clothing and furniture. That’s why we work with recognized insurance providers to offer comprehensive Tenant Insurance solutions for our customers, providing peace of mind should the unthinkable happen.

Why You Need Tenant Insurance

Although Tenant Insurance is not required, it is important to know that your landlord’s insurance does not cover the contents of your home: their insurance is strictly designed to cover structural damage to the building itself. A lot can happen when living in a rented home from water damage from units above or beside your apartment to fire and from theft to vandalism resulting from break-ins.

Therefore, you need Tenant Insurance to cover damages to your personal belongings. Our comprehensive Tenant Insurance solutions cover not only your personal belongings but also living expenses should you require temporary lodgings following an event such as a fire.

Having a tenant policy protects you beyond your landlord’s coverage, ensuring you have the funds to replace your personal belongings. Our team will work with you to find the proper coverage for your rental home, so you suffer as little impact as possible when the unexpected occurs.

What does Tenant Insurance cover?

Our tenant policies cover the following in the case of incidents such as fires, water damage, or theft:

  • Replacing the content of your apartment such as jewellery, clothing, electronics, furniture, etc.
  • Living expenses if you are unable to live in your apartment following an event including hotel/rent, food, and clothing depending on the policy
  • Liabilities associated with injuries due to accidents that occur in your apartment, or property damage to other apartments caused by something such as an overflowing bathtub from your apartment

We customize your Tenant Insurance to meet your unique needs based on your lifestyle, location and risks to maximize protection.

Why Choose P.D. Foster Insurance

At P.D. Foster Insurance we have been offering specialized insurance services such as tenant coverage for our customers since 1949. As a family-owned brokerage, we are committed to finding cost-effective Tenant Insurance policies that minimize premiums while maximizing your coverage. We understand the unique needs of renting a home and ensure you have enough coverage based on your risks and the value of your assets. As insurance brokers, we can search for the right coverage from different providers, so you have the most coverage with the lowest premiums.

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