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Farm Insurance

At P.D. Foster Insurance, we provide Farm Insurance for our customers with hobby farms to large commercial farms. We protect your legacy and land where your home and business come together to offer a good life for your life. Our team ensures you are protected with the right coverage for your specific needs allowing you to operate and live on your farm with complete peace of mind.

What does Farm Insurance cover?

Farm Insurance coverage varies based on the type of policy. However, we can help you find coverage for the following elements:

  • Home
  • Outbuildings such as barns, silos, sheds, storage areas, equipment garages, etc.
  • Animals and livestock
  • Feed
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Tools

Every farm is different, so our team works with you to understand your needs and make sure every aspect of your farm is included.

How does Farm Insurance protect my farm?

Owning a farm is very different from owning other businesses. Because of this, Farm Insurance is very unique, providing coverage for both your home and your farm property. This is unusual as even businesses operating from home require separate Commercial and Home Insurance. Our team ensures you have the right balance of personal Homeowners coverage in hand with Farm Property and Liability coverage to mitigate risk for financial losses. Farm Insurance protects you against:

  • Property Damage: When your farmland and structures are damaged due to perils included in your policy such as inclement weather, fire or vandalism your Farm Insurance helps cover your damages.
  • Livestock Insurance: Livestock coverage is sold in livestock classes based on the animals kept on your farm. It protects against death or destruction from covered perils which vary quite a bit from policy to policy from basics like fire to wild animal attacks and building collapse.
  • Liability: Farms are dangerous places located on vast tracts of land. Because of this, it can be difficult to keep your property safe for visitors. When accidents occur whether it is on your land, or related to buildings or equipment, Liability protection protects you against financial damages if someone is injured and decides to sue. This includes injuries caused by an accident on the property, animals, equipment, vehicles, or dangerous aspects of your outbuildings.
  • Machinery: Damaged farm equipment can disrupt your entire operations, leaving harvests to rot, animals unfed, and other issues with day-to-day tasks you need to carry out. However, your Farm Insurance covers the cost of repairs or necessary replacements, so you remain completely operational.

These are just some examples of the most common farm elements covered by Farm Insurance. We work with you to create a customized Farm Insurance policy, so everything is covered.

What is Extended Farm Coverage?

As mentioned above, we can help you create a customized package for out-of-the-ordinary elements of your farm. This is considered Extended Farm Coverage, which might include:

  • Flood or water damage
  • Sewage damage
  • Power outages
  • Business disruption
  • Produce coverage

Extended Farm Coverage is designed to protect you from additional perils that can lead to serious financial challenges.

Why Choose P.D. Foster Insurance

At P.D. Foster Insurance we have been offering specialized farm insurance services to our customers since 1949. As a family-owned brokerage, we understand the desire to protect your legacy and leave a healthy farming business for future generations.

We understand farmers are faced with forces beyond their control and work with you to find the best coverage to help protect your assets and family. We help assess your risks based on the type and size of farm you own so that you have adequate protection against all possible scenarios.

Our team will work also with you to understand the specific scenarios your farm could face based on your location. We understand every farm is unique and specialize in creating comprehensive Farm Insurance policies to meet your needs.

For more information about Farm Insurance, speak to our team today.

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